Contacting State Legislators

One of our major goals this year with DCPA is to become more involved with legislation.  This is a very important time in health and care and it is important as pharmacists that we are aware of the issues surrounding pharmacy in our legislation.  The first step is knowing who our legislators are so that we may contact them.  To find a legislator in your area, visit the State of Florida's website.

To find out more information about our state legislation, please visit the website for the Florida Senate or House of Representatives.

To view the FPA Legislative Action Center for information regarding upcoming elections as well as contacting our state and national legislators, please visit the Legislative Action Center website.

To view information regarding updates on the health reform proposals, please visit

Remember, every voice counts!

Pharmacy month is every year in October so make sure your legislators hear from you!  Each year, we visited with the Mayor to provide him with our Proclamation.  We will be visiting the mayor again so that they will continue to have our ear!