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Previous Meetings

April 2023 – Dr. Nathan Seligson presents “A Pathway-Based Approach to Targeted Cancer Therapy”

March 2023 – Dr. Kevin Duan presents “PBMs and Legislative Updates”

January 2023 – Dr. Joe Cammilleri presents “The Pharmacist’s Role in the Dispensing of Controlled Substances”

December 2022 – Dr. Taylor Herndon presents “Alzheimer’s Disease: Weathering the 20-Year Drought”

November 2022 – Dr. Hannah Schaffner presents “The Future of Incretin-Based Therapy”

October 2022 – Dr. Ryan Cook presents “There’s a Snake in My Boot! Snake Bites and Antidotes”

September 2022 – Dr. Jill Boyett presents “Closing the Gap of Disparities in Cancer Care”

May 2022 – Dr. Jessica Huston presents “Diabetes Medications in Development”

March 2022 – Dr. Molly Stott presents “The (NAP)Key to Treating Massive Acetaminophen Overdose”

February 2022 – Dr. Aksha Patel presents “Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome”

January 2022 – Dr. Ashley Postell presents “Overview and Updates in the Management of Heart Failure”

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